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Dragon Mage Combat Arts

Aspects Dragonmage Logo.png

Aspect: Dragon Magic

Aspects_Layer1.gif This offensive aspect is intensely connected to the dragons. He can call them to his support and even turn himself into one.

Dragon Berserk

dragon_berserk.gif Turns into a Dragon Berserk. Attacks will extend the transformation time. Gives a bonus to damage, armor, attack and defense. In his changed form, the dragon mage enters a trance and fully focuses on the battle. He is oblivious to other people or objects. A player cannot open containers, talk to NPCs or use merchants, smiths or runemasters while in this form.
Lacerate Frenzy Change Back
DMlacerate.gif DMfrenzy.gif DMchangeback.gif

Dragon Form

dragon_form.gif Turns into a young dragon with strong armor and combat spells. Dragons of this size can't fly but have the power to feign flying. In his changed form, the dragon mage enters a trance and fully focuses on the battle. He is oblivious to other people or objects. While in Dragon Form the Dragon Mage can cast fire spells and gains bonuses to armor, attack and defense. In this form the Dragon Mage cannot speak or interact with any NPC's or merchants. He cannot open containers or doors.
Fire Odem Jump Fireball Change Back
DMfireodem.gif DMjump.gif DMfireball.gif DMchangeback.gif

Dragon Strike

dragon_strike.gif Calls a dragon for aerial attacks (A dragon flies over and casts a massive fireball, doing area of effect fire damage over time).

Eternal Fire

eternal_fire.gif Ignites an enemy & easily jumps over to nearby enemies (like Viperish Disease, but does fire damage over time).

Familiar (Buff)

familiar.gif buffDMf.gif This Combat Art is a (Buff)

The Dragon Mage summons a small dragon familiar which increases his stats (Increases Intelligence, Health Points and Willpower)

Aspect: Elemental Magic

Aspects_Layer2.gif This magic gives the power to create creatures out of the elements, which will battle his enemies for him in his stead and will give enemies little chance of getting close to him.


destroyer.gif Summons stone spirits that attack nearby enemies & explode (summons ~4 minions that run to a random monster & explode doing damage).

Gust of Wind

gust_of_wind.gif A strong gust of wind can damage, stun or knock back enemies.

Magic Barrier

magic_barrier.gif Summons a protective barrier of earth and stone.


tornado.gif Unleashes a small tornado that moves towards the enemies.

Protector (Buff)

protector.gif buffDMp.gif This Combat Art is a (Buff)

Calls an earth elemental protector.

Aspect: Mentalism

Aspects_Layer3.gif This aspect most resembles the classical arts of a mage. His powerful area spells burn or bewilder the enemy.

Mind Strike

mind_strike.gif A mental blow that deals more damage to armored targets and slows the regeneration for their combat arts.

Energy Blaze

energy_blaze.gif Magic energy damages and burns enemies in the area of effect. (Starting Combat Art)


maelstrom.gif Enemies are slowed and weakened in the area of effect, missiles are slowed (casts a massive dome over the targeted area).

Combat Trance

combat_trance.gif Combat Trance reduces the caster's combat art cooldown and protects him from effect damage and stuns.

Runes of Protection (Buff)

runes_of_protection.gif buffDMr.gif This Combat Art is a (Buff)

A magic armour that offers protection from melee attacks and spells (+physical armour, Block Chance: Combat Arts & chance to stun the target).

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