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Build Strategy


Strength.gif Place all points in Strength


1. deathwarriorfocus.gif Death Warrior Focus - 75 hard points [have 75 in it by level 75 to get bonus].

2. tacticslore.gif Tactics Lore - Place one point after every level up.

3. malevolentchampionfocus.gif Malevolent Champion Focus - 75 hard points [follow death warrior focus to get bonus].

4. haftedweapons.gif Hafted Weapons - 75 hard points to get bonus [I like the 2 handed hafted weapons for this build].

5. armorlore.gif Armor Lore - 75 hard points.

6. concentration.gif Concentration - 1 point [needed to get a second buff].

7. combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline- 1 point [this build will use combat arts alot so the extra dam pumping helps].

8. toughness.gif Toughness - 1 point.

9. constitution.gif Constitution - 75 hard points.

10. speedlore.gif Speed Lore - 75 hard points.

Given the build is 'working' and I'm leveling up, some skills would most likely go past 75 but concentration and combat disp won't benefit much from extra hard points. +All Skills gear will help with the other skills that aren't being leveled with hard points. So far, my 1 point skills are about level 76.

Combat Arts

Ah the fun stuff. Set your primary melee attack as Demonic Blow. [You'll need to set the hafted weapon in another slot to do this]

SW_Asp_01.png Death Warrior Tree:

1. SWdb.gif Demonic Blow [The only mod that is necessary is splash damage mod, hitting multiple enemies is always better than bleeding one].

2. buffSWgr.gif Grim Resilience [This should be your first buff- the necessary mod is for more health].

3. SWrc.gif Rousing Command [works great in a combo see below; the necessary mod is to add defense].

SW_Asp_02.png Malevolent Champion Tree:

1. SWfr.gif Frenzied Rampage [Great for mobbin'; mods should be for chance to hit twice].

2. buffSWre.gif Reflective Emanation [Second buff; mod for repelling ranged needed].

3. SWks.gif Killing Spree [Excellent in a combo; mod for increased damage and releasing early].

4. SWag.gif Augmenting Guidon [Great in a combo; mod for more experience and defense].

5. SWbv.gif Belligerent Vault [I only this for jumping around something, makes it easier to get around].


1. Sets: Any set items that increase either DW or MC trees; socket +skill or dam mitigation if possible

2. Weapons: You can use a hafted weapon with a shield but a 2 handed hafted weapon is preferable. The speed is only an issue early on. Once you get hafted weapons skill higher the speed goes up and the chance for a second hit increases too. The tyranny of the condemned is a good weapon but the dragonslayer really does the damage.

3. Try to find rings/necklaces with +regen per hit to bring down the combat art regen speed.


1. Rousing Command + Augmenting Guidon + Killing Spree: This combo works great with mobs or bosses. Simply cast and then attack.

2. Beligerent Vault + Demonic Blow: Fun little combo

How to play

1. Mobbin': I start with a demonic blow [once everyone gets around you] followed by Frenzied Rampage. Rinse and repeat as needed. For large mobs, use the first combo above and then DB and FR them to death.

2. Bossin': Cast the combo then switch between demonic blow and frenzied rampage.

3. The speed lore skill makes you faster so you don't need a mount.

4. The defense, attack, and life is very high and coupled with the second buff, reflective emenation you deflect a ton back to the attackers. You can tank something serious with this character. I haven't found a weakness with him yet. Some people may ask how many points to put in the arts, I pump them all up and the regen time is low. Others may ask which mods to use for the arts, the mods that truly matter are listed by what they do. The other mods can be messed with. I have not encountered a boss yet that has given me any trouble.

The only change to this build would be your weapon choice: to switch to sword or double weps.

Good luck and have fun stormin' the castle!


Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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