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The Battery

The Battery is a special piece of equipment that only the Temple Guardian can wear. It is an item that allows the Temple Guardian to shoot an energy projectile from his left-hand arm cannon. It can also carry various offensive/defensive Item Modifiers. Therefore it is like an armor/weapon hybrid.

How to Fire the Battery Projectile

The battery projectile is a left-click attack. The Temple Guardian must have a battery equipped to fire this projectile, and it can ONLY be fired while holding a melee weapon. If holding a Ranged Weapon (such as an Energy Pistol), the pistol will fire the left click attacks instead of the battery. The battery projectile will not fire at all while Dedicated Blow and Battle Extension are in the active CA slot, no matter the weapon type. Dedicated Blow and Battle Extension can be used with ranged weapons but not the arm cannon.

However there is an interesting "trick" that will allow the arm cannon to be used for Battle Extension. If the Temple Guardian executes Battle Extension, then quickly switches to (but does not execute) another CA that would allow use of the battery projectile (almost any other CA will work), then Battle Extension will begin using the arm cannon to execute its attacks, firing a series of projectiles at enemies.

The arm cannon's range is tremendously long; there seems to be no limit to the firing distance. The Temple Guardian can also press Control+Click to ensure that he stands still while firing. This will also help to "lead" when targeting moving enemies.

Note also that the battery's speed and attack rating are determined by proficiency with the equipped weapon. For example, if the player is wielding a sword and has the skill Sword Weapons, which gives a boost to attack rating and speed, then the attack and speed of the battery shots will be likewise boosted. These values can also be penalized if the Temple Guardian is using a weapon he has no skill for. Also, any skill or combat art (such as Combat Alert) that universally boosts attack rating and attack speed will affect the battery.

In Community Patch 1.60, the battery projectile now has a 20% chance to cause splash damage.

The Battery's Damage

The Battery projectile's damage consists only of damage listed upon the battery itself, and it will be enhanced by any appropriate modifiers from skills (such as Tactics Lore), attributes, and equipped armor. Battery projectile damage is not modified by weapon damage, however, modifiers on the weapon (or any other equipment) such as +% Damage will increase the battery projectile's damage. Likewise, the damage numbers on the battery don't affect other weapons or Combat Arts, but item modifiers do. The battery's stats look like this:

Remember: the only time that the listed base damage numbers on the battery itself come into play is when the player fires the battery projectile.

Base Damage Rings

When socketing base damage rings into the battery, it is helpful to the think of the battery as a weapon. Such rings look like this:

Base damage rings will only increase the damage of the weapon they are socketed into. They do not enhance other weapons, or Combat Arts that do not use that weapon. Therefore melee and ranged attacks and CA's are not modified by base damage rings socketed within the battery, and neither are any of the Temple Guardian's spell-based Combat Arts. A battery socketed with base damage rings will ONLY increase the damage of the battery projectile itself.

Item Modifiers

In terms of the effect the battery has on Combat Arts and other weapon attacks, it is helpful to think of it like a piece of armor. The battery does not boost the damage of weapons or effect any Temple Guardian Combat Arts, except for whatever item modifers are present on it. The battery is like any other piece of equipment when it comes to the item modifiers on it.

Spell damage CA's (from any of the Lost Fusion and Source Warden CA's as well as Deathly Spears and T-Energy Shroud with "Derogate" modification), can be modified by the battery's sockets via item modifiers (eg, +% damage, +skills, +CA levels). Devout Guardian (Weapon-based CA's) can also be modified this way as well.

Therefore, a battery socketed with +% to all Damage rings will enhance the damage of the TG's three aspects and CA's. This works both ways, so the battery projectile can be enhanced by +% Damage and +% Attack modifiers on other equipment as well.

These are just a few examples of modifiers that will modify battery projectile damage:

Known Issues

Damage Converters (Chunk of Lava, Magic Pearl, etc.) socketed into the battery will convert the damage of ALL weapons and combat arts. An example of this is shown below:

NOTE!!!! This is only a visual bug in the tooltip. All the spells still deal their original damage types and damage converters in battery do not change their damage composition in any way, only of the main battery projectile.

Here a battery has been socketed with a Poison Fang, causing Amplifying Discharge to wrongly show a part of its damage converted to Poison.

The player should take note whether or not they have a converter socketed in the battery and assume the original damage types, even if the tooltip states otherwise.

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