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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Tiger_strike.png Through extensive training in human, animal, and demonic anatomies, Assassins have developed the ability to perceive natural points of weakness in their foes and target these locations for especially devastating attacks. A portion of physical damage is converted to the damage type to which the opponent has the least resistance. Passive Chance Opponents Cannot Evade Attacks when in the active slot.

This is a Weapon Damage Based Combat Art.


Martial_arts.png - Martial Arts

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1) Physical.png


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MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Mark - Doubles the amount of damage converted into the type the victim has least resistance to.
  • Bedazed - Adds a chance to stun opponents (20% + 0.2% per level).

MODicons_10.gif Silver

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Punch - Increases the weapon damage of Tiger Strike by 20% + 0.1% per level.
  • Impact - Adds a chance to inflict a crushing blow that decreases the target's base hitpoints for 10s (20% + 0.1% chance per level).
Tiger Strike

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Any weapon lore (such as Hafted Weapons when the Assassin is wielding an axe) - will indirectly increase this combat art's attack speed, damage and chance to hit, and will allow the equipping of higher level weapons used to execute this combat art.
  • Combat Discipline - will increase its damage and reduce its regeneration time if this Combat Art is placed within a combo. This increase in damage is direct; it increases the +xx% that the CA adds to base damage.
  • Speed Lore - will increase its chance to hit indirectly by increasing a player's attack rating.
  • Damage Lore - will improve the chance, duration, and strength of any secondary damage effects triggered by Tiger Strike, based on the damage conversion and the damage types on the equipped weapon.

The following attributes will affect this combat art:

  • Strength will increase damage for melee weapons, and chance to hit
  • Dexterity will increase damage for ranged weapons (and some melee weapons), and chance to hit
  • Stamina will lower regeneration time

Usage Strategies

  • Modify with Mark - Intent - Punch to maximize the raw damage potential.
  • Works well in a combo with Claws of Thunder. Tiger Strike will deliver a hard hit and Claws of Thunder will follow up with a multi-hit attack against the opponent and nearby foes.
  • To lower regen time to the max, take Concentration, Martial Arts Focus, Combat Discipline, and place Tiger Strike in a combo by itself. Drink a Stamina Potion to really get the regen time low.
  • Alternatively, just stack regeneration per hit gear and spam Tiger Strike by just holding down the right mouse button.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows the player to use their most powerful weapon without worrying about the opponent's resistances
  • With low regen/regen per hit gear, it can take the place of regular left-click attacks


  • Single-target attack only