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Damage Over Time Combat Arts or abilities are those that deal a predetermined amount of damage over a period of time to the affected target. There are 2 DoT types:

Some Combat Arts have only a chance to inflict Damage over Time as a Secondary Damage Effect. The ones that have minor chance are not listed below.

Innate Damage over Time Combat Arts

DRvd.gif Viperish Disease

HEbt.gif Blazing Tempest

FF-Mini.gif Frost Flare

HEcs-1.gif Cobalt Strike (to T-Energy Creatures)

INla.gif Levin Array




DMdm.gif Dragon Form allows to use

DMfireodem.gif Fire Odem

DMef.gif Eternal Fire

DMeb.gif Energy Blaze

Damage over Time Combat Arts via Modifications

DRri.gif Ravaged Impact (mod 1a - Perforate (25% chance))

DRda.gif Darting Assault (mod 2b - Wounding (20% chance))

HEaf.gif Ancestral Fireball (mod 1a - Greek Fire (30% chance))

INce.gif Callous Execution (mod 1a - Bleed (50% chance))

INcm.gif Clustering Maelstrom (mod 2b - Gash)

INds.gif Dislodged Spirit (mod 2b - Torture)

INed.gif Eruptive Desecration (mod 3b - Plague)

SEsh.gif Soul Hammer (mod 1b - Wounding (50% chance))

SEbs-1.gif Baneful Smite (mod 3a - Electrocute)

SWdb.gif Demonic Blow (mod 1a - Wounding (20% chance))

TGfem.gif Furious Emblazer (mod 1b - Immolation (25% chance for burn))

DMgw.gif Gust of Wind (mods 1b and 3b - Poison Mist)


Some Combat Arts are easily mistaken for Damage over Time. Like Damage over Time CAs, these Combat Arts have fixed durations, fixed damage and fixed frequency of attacks. Unlike Damage over Time, the damage from these Combat Arts can be blocked\reflected, armor protects against them, and each hit has a chance to cause the appropriate Detrimental magic effect. Furthermore, "Damage over Time:*** -x%" modifiers and Recovery Elixirs do not protect against the damage inflicted by these CAs. However Pseudo DoT can inflict pure DoT as a Secondary Damage Effect.

See for example: Temple Guardian's Propelled Levitation, Icy Evanescence, Jolting Touch.


Build-in DoT can be reduced by several modifiers: Damage over Time -X%, Damage Mitigation -X% and Mastery of Spell Resistance skill. The player can also use a Recovery Elixir and look for the following Item Modifiers:

DoT, caused by Secondary Damage effects, can also be reduced by Detrimental magic effects-x% modifier, Armor value, Damage Mitigation (protects twice). See corresponding sections for further explanation.


  • "DoT -X%" modifiers are cumulative, which means that values from different sources are simply added to each other (1+1=2) and can reach 100%, making a character effectively immune to a particular damage type DoT.
  • Several build-in DoT stack with each other; several DoT, caused by Secondary Damage effects, don't stack.
  • The target can be hit by different DoT at the same time (fire, ice, poison, physical, magic), but only one would be displayed.
  • Initial Duration of DoT effect is defined by DurationDOT parameter in balance.txt. Default value is DurationDOT = 500, which means that DoT lasts 5 seconds. For example, High Elf's Frost Flare would slow its target for as many seconds as said in CA description, but would deal DoT for 5 seconds. However duration of DoT, caused by Secondary Damage effects, can be increased by Damage Lore skill mastery.
  • It is impossible to block or reflect build-in DoT. Successfully blocking or reflecting, block/reflection negates all Secondary Damage Effects from blocked attacks (for example see Blazing Tempest: it is impossible to block build-in Damage over Time: Fire, but it is possible to block flat fire damage as well as burning status, caused by flat fire damage).
  • The Damage Lore skill mastery bonus will not affect Damage over Time effects that are stated in an ingame Combat Art tooltip (build-in Damage over Time, caused by Spell Damage Based Combat Arts - eg, Blazing Tempest). However, it is possible to be affected by two different types of DoT: one from the Spell Damage Based Combat Art (build-in Damage over time: Fire) and one due to the monster being burned (Damage over Time, caused by Secondary Damage Effect).
  • The Ancient Magic Skill allows to partially ignore the target's Armor as well as Damage Mitigation for Spell Damage Based Combat Arts. This skill causes relative decrease of these modifiers as it affects only actual modifiers the target has.
  • Temple Guardian's CAs Fiery Ember and Icy Evanescence increase target's vulnerability to Ice or Fire; High Elf's Buff Crystal Skin has Feel Cold modification that causes all targets in close vicinity to the caster to be more vulnerable to Ice Damage. These CAs cause all enemies in Area of Effect to have modifier "Damage Vulnerability Ice/Fire +x%" which not only removes these enemies' resistance to Damage but can decrease it below zero, causing CAs to deal more damage than the value stated in CA description. These CAs do not affect target's Armor, but decrease Damage Mitigation modifier by fixed percentage (not by percent of target's mitigation like Ancient Magic).

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